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“Nanton is a caring community where the past inspires a vibrant future for all.”  This is Nanton’s Vision Statement, and rings true when you visit the quaint streets of our town. Affordable, safe, quiet living is a prized value here. Our small rural community is removed from the hurry of the city, and the lifestyle here echoes the town’s motto, “where history lives”. Nanton currently has a population of just over 2,100 people. Nanton is famous for its small town historical charm, which is brought to full colour when you take a walk back in time, exploring more than a dozen antique, gift and specialty shops. The town serves a large farming and ranching community, and is home to two restored and well-recognized grain elevators, one of which also houses an art gallery.

Nanton offers its residents the comfort and security inherent of a small community. Recent new residential growth and development has invited those who are seeking these characteristics while still enjoying close proximity to larger centres for employment. Older, quiet residential areas provide a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. As this town continues to grow, many job opportunities will be presented within our own community.

Nanton’s Bomber Command Museum of Canada is well-known for the rare Lancaster bomber it houses, which was built in Canada and instrumental in the fight over Germany in WWII. Today, you can sit in the pilot’s seat. The goals of the Town of Nanton and Nanton & District Chamber of Commerce uphold the values inherent in our history. We welcome you to our little town, situated along Highway 2, 70 km from the south end of Calgary, and 125 km from Lethbridge.



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  • Chamber updates

    Welcome to the 2018 Nanton Chamber of Commerce!

    Quarterly meeting planning is underway for another joint Town of Nanton/Chamber of Commerce collaboration. We will present the updated Chamber of Commerce website in progress, as well as hear O2 Marketing and Design's ideas for Nanton's new wayfinding signage program. Wednesday, April 18 is the date, with a meet and greet starting at 6:30 at the Nanton Community Centre. All are welcome to attend.

    Well, we may be in for more winter, but spring can't be far behind, and this is the time we make plans for our Chamber Flower Barrel program. As in years previous, here's how it works: Chamber of Commerce lends Chamber members oak barrels to sit outside of their businesses (or you can supply your own container if you prefer). You can plant these up yourself, or Chamber and Juniper's Beryl West will help you.

    For under $100, in early June we will plant you up a beautiful selection of flowering plants, grasses and greenery chosen to be right for your location (sun, shade, part sun, etc). The barrels will fairly full to start with, but with a little room for the plants to fill in as the season progresses. We make sure the planter soil is fresh, and water it in well, then you take over its care for the rest of the season. These plants last well into the fall as long as you keep watering them, even after you think the season is over (and a little fertilizer and deadheading doesn't go amiss either)!

    Give Pam a call at 403-646-2111, or reply to info@nantonchamber.com by the end of March if you are interested in participating. 

    Nanton & District Chamber of Commerce held its 2017 AGM in conjunction with the Town of Nanton business consultation event to great response from the business community. Both the Town and the Chamber have agreed it was a great way to reach their target audience, and will definitely collaborate again.

    Chamber of Commerce elections were held, and the 2018 executive is as follows:
    President: Pam Woodall, Because I Said So, 402-646-2111
    Vice-President: Laurie Henthorne, Stuthornes on Main
    Pam and Laurie will function more as co-chairs to divide the workload.
    Treasurer: Jill Lyon, ATB
    Secretary: Pauline Higgins, The Candy Store in Nanton
    Directors: Dana Zielke, Bomber Command Museum of Canada; Lori Stuart, Stuthornes on Main; Maizie Murray; Carrie Gaitaiant, GCS Automotive Repair; Dayna Dickens, Streamlined Vision.

    Plans are underway for upcoming quarterly meetings as well as education sessions. Send us a message with your interests and requests for workshops and information sessions. Stay tuned for updates.


  • Annual General Meeting



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